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IT Support

Whatever you need, when you need it either remotely or on-site, we offer support for your business with regards to any technology.

Cloud Computing

Your data and applications stored in the cloud and accessible from anywhere

Disaster Recovery and Backup

Protecting your data and your business utilising our backup plan ensuring your recovery in the event of a disaster.

Hardware & Software

To fit your business demands and your budget we support all different manufacturers whichever works best for you.

Welcome to SRIT Technology

Strategy and specification – Consultancy – Hardware & software – Networking & communications – Database management – E-commerce systems – Day-to-day operations – Training & support – Specialist IT consultancy & IT services

Today even the smallest company relies on technology. But when it doesn’t do what it should, the business suffers.
SRIT Technology supports small businesses with IT services tailored to your needs and designed around your business goals. We serve clients with 5-75 PCs based around London.
Take a look at our IT Services page to see what we do and how we can work alongside your business.

Consultancy to match your companies wants and needs for IT Services

When we consult with you about your IT requirements we listen and we learn. We want to understand your marketplace, your business and even your future plans so we can recommend the best technology solution for you with regards to our IT services.

We base our recommendations on what works and we won’t sell you anything you don’t need. What we propose will be designed to enhance your business performance and make your life easier. Uppermost on our minds will be how you achieve payback – a return on your investment – in a realistic timeframe.

The IT services we offer include:

  • System specification and future-proofing
  • Disaster recovery and backup
  • Day-to-day IT facilities management
  • Acting as your outsourced IT Director
  • Accounting solutions
  • Access database design and build

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How healthy is your IT? Let us find out for you.

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