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By using Steve’s services we were able to keep track of stock, ensure invoices were raised in accordance with stock loaned or bought which
improved our cash flow and helped staff become more productive

Steve helped and developed our IT infrastructure both hardware and software allowing us to keep track of all our energy contracts and insured that renewals of the contract were completed in time to give the customer the best contract rates. It also provided financial information to the board.
By having remote working setup we were able to recruit the best staff countrywide.

Steve was instrumental in implementing our EDI strategy with Ocado, Lidl, Sainsbury’s, M&S and Rivermill into Sage to ensure we were able to receive orders, produce delivery notes, and send invoices without the need to duplicate information. This ensured that the clients received the amount of goods ordered and the invoices were correct against what was delivered thus saving us hours on admin work per day.

When Covid hit due to Steve’s foresight we were in a position to have remote working immediately. The hardware infrastructure in place meant that we able to relocate everyone remotely and still have secure access to our onsite data. This meant that we had no downtime and was able to continue working as normal.