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Oct 18

Flexible Working

Flexible working is the name given to any type of working pattern which is different from your existing one. Flexible working arrangements may include: changing from full-time to part-time work changing the part-time hours that you work, for example, from weekends to week days changing working hours to fit in... read more →
Jan 11

Working from Home or the Office?

Working from home is a thoroughly modern phenomenon. With the globalisation of our work force increasing numbers of companies are allowing staff the possibility of working from home. The cloud, remote access and wi-fi (as long as it is working) means work places are more portable than ever before. Over... read more →
Dec 16

The Future Workplace

In today’s society we constantly struggle with our work life balance. A longer working life and the dominance of smartphones means modern society works longer, harder and without any of the stability enjoyed by our parents. Of course, the truth is that ever since man stepped out of the cave... read more →
Nov 23

The undervalued benefit of technology

To say technology is intrinsically linked with our daily routine would be somewhat of an understatement. The age of the technophobe is well and truly over, and being technologically aware is not only pretty cool, but also an absolute necessity. Even the latest Hollywood release, The Intern, (a movie that... read more →
Nov 09
May 17